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4 min readFeb 23, 2022

I spoke to a long time friend of mine recently. He spoke of his job, where he has been for ten years. He mentioned, flatly, that he is ready to leave the job. The number one reason: Dysfunction.

From the above management to the lower tier employees, it is perpetual chaos. He mentioned how a person on the job quit because the supervisor gave her only three of the days she requested instead of the entire five she requested.

Just like that, she high tailed out.

I guess the Great Resignation hasn’t seen any such courage amongst employees–ever.

Well, you Great Resignators, there is a bit of a long-time-coming-surprise coming to give you a bit of a boot out the door.


There are nearly 3M manufacturing robots in the world. The number is up [3X] since 2009, according to There are 850 robots in manufacturing for every 10K manufacturing workers. South Korea has 300K manufacturing robots in its country.

Not only has robots hit manufacturing, restaurants are primed for their inclusion.

Lots of fast food chains and restaurants have problems keeping employees. So step right in is the burger flipper who won’t complain and have no problem at all working that O-T, baby. “White Castle plans to install Flippy 2 into 100 more restaurants during 2022,” posts on 2/17/2022.

Flippy 2 won’t have a bad attitude when it walks through the door. The boss doesn’t have to be concerned about seeing the metal employee with a smartphone logged onto Instagram or Clubhouse or Snapchat and not fully focused on their job duties. Don’t have to tiptoe around redtape labor laws that could send the business in a frizzy state for not going through proper steps before letting go of irresponsible employees.


A 2011 study by Susan Ettner found 16% of women and 18% of men suffer from at least 1 PD (personality disorder), cites Mary Bauer on The most common disorder in the study was…

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