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3 min readSep 26, 2022
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I’ve always had a work ethic that I could pass along to my offspring that they would be proud of. I have rarely missed a day of work.

I guess my mojo comes from my late dad, who I saw always going to the job as an electrical tech while I was a kid. My dad never complained about the job due to him and his brothers and sisters growing up on a farm. They had to start work when the roosters crowed before dawn.

So, it can be said that I don’t mind the consistent hard work that is put before me daily. Admittingly, I used to stress out during my teen and even into my twenties.

Then I read Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins. One of the things that stood out in the book is how to reframe a situation to your advantage. I became to realize my stress was my opportunity. My chance to be 3.0, Baby.


I was raised by generous parents, who believe helping others. That quite naturally extended to my life, which included included aiding other’s landing jobs they applied for where I worked. Bosses like me and my reliability so they automatically assumed that birds of a feather flocked together.


Everyone I assisted in getting a job, they didn’t stay long as I did. The most one stayed after landing a position was a couple of months. But hey, I wasn’t mad. But disappointed, and not allowing it to get settle in my psyche.


A friend of mine needed a job. I helped get him on where I had been working at for a couple of years. After a couple of weeks, co-workers came to me citing my friend’s actions of confronting his department supervisor because my friend felt like he had to stand up against the mean ol’ monster.

I was like, WHAT???!!!

Oh, oh, how ‘bout this baby. After a ten year stint at that job, I went onto somewhere else. I worked for a restaurant. Someone I knew outside of that job needed a part time job. I spoke to my boss the next day about hiring them. The boss took my word bankable word and hired them in a few days.

I saw the person for one day on the job. The next few consecutive days, I didn’t see them. So I asked the manager where…

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