Ken Williams
4 min readOct 25, 2022
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Western civilization has become a bunch of spoiled brats the past thirty years.

Already have enough charities, social programs, places to hang out and shop, 2k cable channels, federal and state holidays they can get sanctioned day off from work, million choices of foods, vehicles, clothes, medicine, on and on and on and on.

Oh, don’t forget we can sue someone for basically looking at us wrong. We can bring lawsuit against next door neighbor’s dog poop on out lawn. Watch the court shows on tv, and they are full of ridiculous lawsuits — some serious and rightfully so.

Practically anything.


Those previous few words should be not used in business settings. Its big butt kissing leading to win-no win for the business. Word get out a business is lenient towards customer discrepancies, here come the bandits with the automatic entitlement.

Ever walk into a store and see items that doesn’t belong on that aisle or in that section? You know who place them there? Certainly weren’t employees.

Customer element for a handful is to disrespect the store and its employees’ productivity and still want a return?


Just last week the likes of Amazon, JC Penney, A&F are going to do away with the free returns by mail and its up to the customer to handle the shipping and handling.

I know a guy his name is Rich. He works for a major retailer. He told me when he worked at one particular location, every single day there were loads of return on TVs. EVERY-SINGLE-DAY.


I do renovations with my cousin at times. We go to Lowe and Home Depot for supplies. One thing I notice: RETURNS always have a line of people bringing items back. Generally, contractors overestimate the supplies needed for a project just to be on the safe side so they can have not to have delays. Nothing new at all.

Plus, the lawnmowers outside of Lowes and Home Depot marked down are due to customers used them and brought them back — just because they can. Yep, just because they can.

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