Ken Williams
3 min readMar 29, 2022

Why not?

The idea could be tremendous for couples to loosen the strangle hold of the other “F” word.

Females have always been naturally insecure about their bodies for a variety of reasons. Men are always given the ish test by their mates like, “Do you think she is pretty?”, “Does this color fit me?”, “Why is it you make friends so easy?”

Guys know what I mean.

So, this post arrives at this point: Why is the other “F” word fuels bitterness in couples? Because women have been conditioned to believe that men should only be the ones to use that mean word.

If his butt is getting fat and he’s gaining muffin tops on his waist, his wife needs to come out and say he is fat. He’s a grown butt man. He can automatically take the truth — or least he should. He can take the reality of his physique morphing him into a couch potato.


Males have always had the trigger words they have always thrown towards females way to break their spirits, impose their will, or downright controlling. Since females are empowered to not lean on mean the past twenty years — for sure.

— Or least since Oprah.

The highly probable response will be in denial. “What???”, “My parents raised me to eat healthy.”, “Grandma made the best casserole.”, “I haven’t touched beer in years, baby.”

You see, males use their egos to shield against accountability. Respecting opposition to their “status” in the relationship lets them know their wives, girlfriends won’t be an emotional doormat to a lack of respect, accountability — or even physical force.


A man’s ego is crushed when he is met with opposition that he doesn’t know anything about. But you are there ladies to assist him, work right along beside him with a plan for him to abolish the muffin tops and spare tire. It’s going to be a patient, detailed process.

However, once he sees results, he’ll begin to brag amongst his friends and co-workers. “Gee, you looking different these days, guy.” Marriage is the best thing.

Cloud Nine.



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