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It was a few weeks after New Years Day. I had caught a sneezing fit one day — I guess it was some early blooming from some flowers. My eyes were puffy like a balloon and watery like a damn.

I remember a time in the previous summer that I had a sneezing fit and I went to the fridge; ate some turkey breast and the fit went away. So, I placed on my home grown medicine cap and went to the ageless, white GE appliance and swung open the door.

I scanned with my eyes and came across a black, half gallon of Southern Comfort eggnog carton on the wire top shelf and intently reached. I poured a tall glass equivalent to a 20 ounce soda expecting the ingredients in egg to take effect just like the turkey breast aforementioned.

My taste buds soaked in the eggnog. I recall sneezing once — that’s all— after I reached the bottom of the glass. I took no other medication like allergy medicine or sinus medicine to end the fit promptly. The rest of the day, I was a-okay, not even a sniffle.


The holiday beverage tons of people have consumed for Christmas and New Years. But I found it on an isolated benefit to tackle sneezing fits very, very effectively due to one of its ingredient — nutmeg — acts as an anti-inflammatory agent ( 13, 2021 by Daniel More, M.D. and reviewed by Amy Wu. M.D). It double as an anti-histamine to counter allergic rhinitis, which causes cells in your nasal membrane to release histamine — which causes the tightness of chest, throat, and sinuses.


Mineral Potassium (muscle contractions), B12, Riboflavin/B2, Vitamin A, Phosphorous and Iron (, December 1, 2020, JR Thorpe) make up the effective recipe also. All assist in different functions from repairing cells to digestive tract lining to strengthening the immune system.


This holiday “jewel” came as a surprise to me as it worked in seconds to eradicate my sneezing fit. I could’ve been taking this for how long now during the Spring and Summer months to help combat such fits?

However, to be truthful, eggnog has never been produced year round — least not in the USA. I’m not saying eggnog has any kind of cure but at least for me, its not only a holiday jewel but a solid tool to place under my medicine hat.

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