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2 min readJan 8, 2022

I was in a store and the heat was a bit too warm inside due to a sudden shift in the temperature upwards outside. A dude — approaching 60s age range— near me started talking about how warm inside the store was. I mentioned the corporate office just probably hadn’t got the alert, yet, of the temperature outside.

The guy went onto add, somehow insistently and proudly, “I know women who want to date me, who power bills are $500 a month.”

I was like What??? What woman has a power bill $500 a month.

I assumed these females were single or divorced living in a pretty nice size living spaces like 3500–4500 square foot?


The average electricity bill in the USA, according to on November 12, 2021 by Joe Roberts titled Utility Bills 101: Utilities Tips, Average Costs, Fees and More, is $114.44. Water is $70.93. Natural Gas is 63.34. Broadband Internet $59.99. Streaming Services $47.43. Trash/Recycling $14.03.


That’s a considerable sum amount less of $500. on 9/16/2020 sites the average 3 bedroom apartment (1326 square feet) is $106.08. The post also reports that 51% of bill goes to heating and cooling.


Since the guy is in late fifties, it is safe to say the women he socialize with is least mid-thirties of age. Could be younger, who knows.

But females going through hot flashes probably do have their A/C much lower than the standard 72 degrees. Blood can get thin causing chills — Web MD, March 5, 2020 medically reviewed by Traci C Johnson M.D. — prompting the heat to get turned way up past 72 degrees.


Either the females apartments need new windows or the females are living in one heck of a mansion.



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